Dual Wall Reverse & Flooded Reverse Drilling

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Dual Wall Reverse & Flooded Reverse Drilling

Gefco currently builds several models of flooded-reverse rotary drilling rigs, table drive reverse rigs, and top-head drive reverse rigs.
They also build several top-head drive rotary rigs, that can modified with optional dual-wall reverse capabilities.
Current GEFCo models designed for flooded reverse rotary drilling include:

*22-RT-RC, which is a conventional Model 22-RT but with an added "Flooded Reverse"  Kelly, Reverse Swivel, and a 6" Discharge hose.  Some Optionsinclude an optional 6x5 Centrifugal pump, and an optional  500 CFM x 200 PSI Screw Air Compressor, choice of threaded drill pipe for Inside air, or flange pipe outside air set-up.
* 22-HD-RC, a 2015 GEFCo design that was built to upgrade the older JED-A design.  The 22-HD-RC has a very wide mast, a hydraulic powered four-speed 18" retracting rotary table, the kelly hoist, pipe hoist, and sandline hoist are all hydrostatically powered 
* 40-T, is a 3-axle Trailer mounted Large Flooded Reverse rig. A simple yet powerful machine.

Gefco still sells many parts for our older Failing Jed-A and Jed-B, Failing Holemaster 2000, 2500, 3000, and 3500 Table drive rigs.
Even some items for the Speedstar-Franks SS-RC reverse rig.
MOre to be added later. 
The Big-Hole Top-Head drive unit can be used  for flooded reverse drilling in some cases.
Some form of Dual-Wall Reverse system can be used on practically any GEFco tophead drive rig.
In the future, I hope to make this a very usefull page for those interested in reverse drilling, with specific data on rig specifications, airlift requirements, bit submergence, pipe data, bit data, etc.

15" Diameter Well Drilled to 1200' With Dual Wall Reverse Pipe

This GEFco Speedstar SS-90K is set up with the high-torque "Big Hole"  6" ID top-head rotary drive. It is currently running dual-wall reverse pipe, discharging cuttings through the factory added cuttings cyclone unit. This rig also features a  mast mounted casing hammer, and a custom working table with built in casing jack holders, and removable casing slips.
This rig with the Big Hole head can be changed quickly to the flooded reverse method.

The onboard Sullair 1000 CFM x 350 PSI screw air compressor allows for large down hole hammer drilling, tri-cone drilling, or reverse drilling.


SS 90K

Drill w/ Temp 26" Casing & Grout through CR DTH
This Drill Is Using 6.5" ID x 10" OD Dual Wall Reverse Pipe, Hex joints, & 27" center return bit

Reverse drilling methods can use less air and cuttings can be placed in a controlled box

Coast Drilling Co. Franks - Speedstar SS-RC-16
Speedstar Flooded Reverse Rotary Rig

Robert Haylock & Gurban Brower Drilling With SS-RC-16

Delivery of New King 6CRC 6inch Reverse Swivel to Coast Drilling

Rig shown before new paint job
Franks SS-RC-16 (now GEFco) Flooded Reverse Rig

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Speedstar SS-40T
This rig can be set for reverse or conventional drilling