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Dual Wall Reverse & Flooded Reverse Drilling

In the past we specialized in projects involving casing-while-drilling, using down hole hammers, under-reamers (Odex, Tubex, Stratex, Holte URE/URG, Centrex, Holte Hex Drive, etc.), casing hammers, air as the circulation medium, and control of dust and cuttings.


We provided special drilling consulting services for many years, and worked extended contracts with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Reynolds Electric Corporation, Bechtel Nevada Corporation.  We provided air drilling expertise for these customers at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, and in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Working with James M Ray, Los Alamos National Laboratory, I was honored to be his Co-Principle Investigator during planning and design of portions of the Yucca Mountain Low Level Nuclear Waste Storage Facility planning phase, and the Yucca Mountain Prototype Testing Phase at G-Tunnel NTS. Later projects with Reeco, Bechtel, and LANL on the Area-3 and Area-5 Low Level Nuclear Waste Storage Facilities, and several years with the Los Alamos National Laboratory Environmental Restoration Drilling and Sample Management Facility.   Also as a drilling consultant for the potential site investigation of the Ward Valley Low Level Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (located in Ward Valley, California) for the U.S. Ecology Corporation, and the State of California.

We have worked often with the USGS, USBR, and other government agencies, in many parts of the US and Pacific Regions..

Multiple Zone Deep Angled Monitoring Well At Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Reno Re-Tract project
Drilling 27" Diameter Caison Holes Through Boulders W/ Center Return Hmr W/ Dual Rev Pipe & Dalmeg

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Reno Retract Project
Soilmec Drilling 27" Diameter Holes Through Boulders With 24" Holte Center Return Hammer

Large Holes In Hard Rock Intersecting a 200 Foot Deep Tunnel