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New Announcement** 12-09-2019
As of December 9, 2019,  We are back running our own multi-faceted supply company Newsom Industries again!
   I wish to thank the management of the George E. Failing Company, a Division of Astec Technology Inc., for allowing me to be their Western Region Sales Manager for the last 7-1/2 years, and for the previous 20 + years as their Regional Sales Manager Employee ~6 years / or their Regional Sales Manager - Dealer ~7-1/2 years
  My recent GEFCo rig sales territory included California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, and Alaska, and covered rigs for all facets of the drilling industry, including water wells, oil & gas, mining & exploration, geothermal, geotechnical, and construction drilling.
Our Newsom Industries, Drilling Equipment Sales Division, Consulting Division, and our Drilling and Pump Division were placed on "in-active" these past 7-1/2 years, and we are currently considering where to invest the majority of our time and resources.
We closed down our water charity, Clean Water Saves Lives.Org, however we will still help support other charitable water causes through equipment donations, free advice, and referrals.
Thank you for your friendship and support for the last 40 years, and look forward to the next decade.
Jon Newsom
Brenda Newsom
The new rig sales list with photos has not been upgraded since since 2012, however I will try to upgrade this list with photos of the rigs sold in the Western Region between the years of 2012 and 2020.

Dave, Joe, & Tyler, with Joe Fain. Fain Drilling
SS-70K-DE 70,000Pound Top-Head Pullback and 500 PSI Comperessor Delivered 2012
Joe Fain Drilling New 70K-DE Startup
Joe Fain's New Gefco Speedstar SS-70K-DE
70,000 pound tophead hoist, 1000 x 350/900x500 air, and mud

DA Harmon Gefco, Jim Stefanic & Raul Lyon Geotec,
Geotec_Boyles_Bros_SA_Chile__Inspecting_Ormat-Geodrill_SS-185K_at_Mina_NV_11-1-09_Drilling Geothermal Steam power wells 727.JPG photo by Jon Newsom
on right are Geotec-Boyles Bros SA Customers From Chile, inspecting Ormat GeoDrill's SS-185K Mina NV

Richard Alexander A&A Pump Accepting New SS-22 HD
18" retracting rotary table, 7-1/2 x 10 mud pump, triple-drum draw-works

Derrick Moreira of Hilo, Hawaii buying SS-90K
Darrel Moreria, Derrick Moreira, and Son Casey

Sale of Used SS-185K To Island Drlg Guatemala
Steve Riley and Thomas Mifsud Purchased Like New SS-185K For Guatemala

S A Camp Pump Co New SS-40T Flooded Reverse Rig
140,000 pound hoisting capacity, 18" table, 6" ID Swivel, 26" Bit

Floyd & Steve Arthur, A&O Well With New SS-22 HDM
Floyd, Steve, and Jon

Art Beatty Geo-Tec Boyles SA Purchasing SS-40T
Al Cooper AZB, Geotec_Boyles_SA_Art_Beatty_Al Cooper AZB Sale 11-1-09_453.JPG
Ralph Anderson left & Al Cooper Right Owners Arizona Beeman Drlg

Anthony & Pamela Prieto's New SS-22 Reverse Rig
18" Rotary Table, 6" ID Reverse Kelly and Swivel

Vic Morrow Of Scorpion Drilling w/ new SS-185K
Henry Valdez and Vic Morrows SS-185K, For Drilling Methane GasWells ~8,000 Ft
Scorpion Drilling With Their New SS-185K_Tophead
GEFCO Speedstar SS-185K with 185,000 Pound Pullback
Cal-Water Drillng With New SS-22 Flooded Reverse
Curtis and Blake Hennings New 6" Flooded Reverse Rig
Palm Springs Well & Pump New SS-40T Reverse Reg
GEFCO Speedstar SS-40T Set up for Flooded Reverse
Maggiorra Brothers New SS-50K Delivery
New Speedstar SS-50K w/ 50,000# top-head Pullback, 1000 x 350 air, 4 x 3 mud
Gordon Jensen Western Strata Expl W/ New SS-30K
Christmas With A Brand New Rig!!
Ormat /Geo-Drill With Their SS-185K Geothermal Rig
Ormat - Geo-Drill's SS-185K Top-head Rig On Site

Beylik Drilling - Hawaii New SS-40T Tbale Drive
18" Rotary Table, Double Drum Draw-works

Johnny Baldwin New SS-50K & Moreria Brothers Maui

New SS-40T For Water Resources Int Hawaii Big Island

Dave Jannsen of SoCal Pump Accepts new SS-22 HDM
Rig has 18" Retractable Rotary Table, & double drum draw-works

Dave Briner, Pinky Davis,Tom Thornton Salinas Pump
New SS-50K startup with Salinas Pump Co. 3-29-06

Salinas Pump 50K with Pinky Davis and Frank
SS-50K after 7 years of Drilling, 4x3 mud, 1000 x 350 air, 50,000# tophead hoist, 25,000# SLP jib

Bill Godwin of Beylik Hawaii With New SS-90K 2/06
Bill Godwin w/ New Speedstar SS-90K Start-UP North Kohalla Coast Feb 2006

New SS-110K Gas & Oil Top Head Drive Rig
SS-110K Big Hole Rig with 110,000 lb Top-head hoisting capacity

Matt and Larry Rottman With Their New SS-50K Drill
Hard Working. Matt & Larry New SS-50K February 2006

Dave Rasmussen PG&E With New Foremost Mobile B-80
B-80 delivery February 2006

New SS-15III Delivery To Eaton Drilling 8-12-05
Rig has 2 ea. 5 x 6-1/4 piston pumps, 60,000# Hoist

Pulliam Well Expl. New SS-30K Delivery May 2005
Aaron and Tom Pulliam and Jon

Fry Industries, Art and Chuck Fry 5-10-05
First Hole With New Speedstar SS-30K Deep Hole 5/05

Warren Wallis Desert Empire Drlg New SS-30K 12-04
Warren Wallis & Jon Newsom

Mtn. Hydro Delivery August 2004
Gary Stooksberry, Owner Mtn. Hydro Systems, Receives A New Speedstar SS-30KDH From Jon Newsom 8-04

Our New Rig Sales Second Half of 2004
New Speedstar SS-50K Casing Hammer Rig Cascade Drilling 11-15-04

New Rig Sale September 2004 LO Lynch Well
Josh & Ken Swarthout, & Emil Worm, LO Lynch Well W/ New SS-30K, Jon on Right 9-04


Another New Speedstar Rig Sale September 2004
Steve and Floyd Arthur With Their New SS-30K-DH (Deep Hole)9-04

Ted & Adelle Pulliam's New SS-30KDeep Hole Rig
First Hole With Ted's New SS-30K DH (SS-40K)

Ray_Peterson_Receiving_New SS-15III.jpg
2000 Delivery Of Ray Petersons New SS-15-III

Jon & JP Preparing New SS-30K for Trip To Saipan, Northern Mariannas

USGS Purchased Rig For Scientific Water Studies
Delivering A New Speedstar SS-70K To Hawaii

We are proud members of the following organizations:
NGWA (National Ground Water Association)
CGA (California Groundwater Association)
OGWA (Oregon Groundwater Association)
Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce
Lions Club International